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Title: Models of Fisheries Management Policy in the Thousand Islands
Authors: Puspa Dewi, Ita Junita
Setyanto, Joko
Nirmala, Kukuh
Kholil, M
Keywords: Management,
marine fishery
fishing gear
Fish stock
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Department of Er vuonmental Engineering faculty of ('vII Engineering and PlannIng Instltut Teknologl Sepuluh Nopember SURABAYA
Citation: Ita Junita Puspa Dewl" , Djoko Setyanto", Kukuh Ntrmala" and M. Kholil, 2013, Models of Fisheries Management Policy in the Thousand Islands, Department of Er vuonmental Engineering faculty of ('vII Engineering and PlannIng Instltut Teknologl Sepuluh Nopember SURABAYA
Series/Report no.: Prociding, Advances in Sustainable Environmental Resource Management and Sanitation Technology, 25 - 26 June, 2013 BALI - INDONESIA;
Abstract: Purpose of this Paper is to discuss a model of fisheries management in the Thousand Islands for community economic development while improving the environmental condition of a thousand islands, Particular purpose are analyzing the causes of damage in and determin alternative policies, to identify and determine the key elements of the model is applied to improve the marine ecosystem in a thousand islands, especially coral reefs and fishing areas, priorities that support the achievement of the goals of sustainable management of fisheries resources. Comparative Performance Indeks (CPt) Fisheries resources management model designed and can be used to assist decision-making with Interpretative Structural Modelling (ISM) become a key element of fisheries resource management objectives embodied the skills and education sub-elements of fishing (T3) is the key that drives the achievement of objectives in the management of coral reefs and islands seribu. done witr: support elements which need Elemen needs is a sub element of enforcement of fishing rules (E1), incentive element in fish and reef bomb Prohibition (E3), the active role of government and elements of society (E11). Alternative management measures taken to manage fisheries resources with Anaiitycal Hierarchy Process (AHP).Such alternative based on environmental benefit factor. The most influential actors in the management of Thousand Islands Fishery Resources is the government / local authority supporting the creation of Fisheries Resource Conservation. Further development is needed to help support models that can access the knowledge base directly with the use of these criteria more specific in the conduct of fisheries resource management in the Thousand Islands. Keep the fish stock data in order to predict the availability of fishery resources in the present and the days to come. Thus the settings and can be implemented.
Description: Describing sustainablility of thousand island using interpretative structure modeling (ISM)and determining alternatives policies by desingning the best institution management
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/1541
ISBN: 978-602-95595-6-9
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