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Authors: Amar, Abu
Issue Date: Mar-1999
Publisher: Institut Teknologi Indonesia
Abstract: Reserach was conducted onlactic acids bacteria from dadih that have been tried on soy-camembert cheese. The manufacturing of soy camembert cheese was made by mixing of soy protein isolate, skim milk powder, fat and water in universal machin, heating, cooling, inoculating with cheese starter, brining, inoculating, with Penicillium camemberti and ripening. Three type of cheese starter were tested. Commercial cheese starter (S1), many isolated lactic acids bacteria from dadih (S2 and S3) were used. The research revealed that Starter S2 and S3 could be used as cheese starter. The organoleptic test of the end products showed that soy camembert cheese inoculated with inoculated with S2 starter had similar taste with soy camembert chhese inoculated with commercial cheese starter. The flavour of soy camembert cheese inoculated with cheese starter S3 was too sharp
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/1737
ISSN: 0852-7318
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