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Title: Active Natural Zeolite Utilization for Microbial Fuel Cell Membrane Modification
Authors: Samodra Putra, Agusta
Handayani, Sri
Wahyudin, Wahyudin
Ismojo, Ismojo
Keywords: active natural zeolite
ionic conductivity
microbial fuel cell
proton exchange membrane
Issue Date: Oct-2013
Abstract: Microbial fuel cell (MFC) consists of anode and cathode separated by proton exchange membrane (PEM). Efectivity of MFC system determined by the conductivity of PEM which can be enhanced active porous material addition such as natural zeolite that attract proton. The activation of natural zeolite is carried out with acidification method. Active zeolite particle used in this project is 437 nm in diameter. The active zeolite is used as filler to increase ionic conductivity of sulfonated polyether-ether ketones (sPEEK) with variation of 1%, 3%, 5%. The ionic conductivity of sPEEK-active zeolite electrolyte membrane is approximately 1,25x10 -2 – 2,8x10 -2 S/cm. Accordingly, this electrolyte membrane is potential for MFC application.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/1833
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