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Authors: Dewi, Yusriani Sapta
Runtika, Ika
Keywords: waste tempe, filtration, quartz sand, activated carbon
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: LPPM-USNI
Series/Report no.: Vol 9;No.2
Abstract: The development of soybean industry in dusun Wates Pancawati a positive effect on the economy and health. Tempe industry still leaves environmental problems associated with pollution due to wastewater tempe unprocessed or processed yet optimal. Waste tempe used in this study came from one of the home tempe industry in dusun Wates Pancawati, Klari, Karawang. The purpose of this research is to get the design of wastewater treatment filter tempe with adsorption processes using adsorbent media quartz sand and activated carbon. This study used a model tool by using tubs of acrylic material with a length of 22 cm, width 22 cm, and a height of 35 cm, then filled with a filter media with a thickness: Type 1 uses media quartz sand with a thickness of 20 cm, Type 2 uses media activated carbon with a thickness of 20 cm and type 3 menggunaka combination of media quartz sand and activated carbon with a thickness (10 cm: 10 cm). From the results of this study showed that the best filter media Filter Type 1 can be in reducing pollutant parameters namely COD, TSS and raise the pH.
Description: 1. Saringan dengan menggunakan media pasir kuarsa mempunyai efektivitas dalam menurunkan kandungan zat pencemar dalam air limbah industri tempe. 2. Pengubahan material media saringan dan volume media saringan berpengaruh terhadap kualitas air hasil penyaringan. 3. Media saringan yang akan digunakan sebagai acuan desain bangunan pengolah air limbah adalah media saringan pada saringan Tipe 1 yang mempunyai ketebalan media pasir kuarsa 20 cm. Media pada saringan Tipe 1 mempunyai rata – rata penurunan kadar parameter pencemar pada air hasil penyaringan lebih baik, dibandingkan Tipe 2 dengan media karbon aktif, dan Tipe 3 dengan media kombinasi karbon aktif dan pasir kuarsa.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2345
ISSN: 1979-5246
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