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Authors: Nidaul, Izzah
Keywords: Koperasi
Peluang dan Ancaman
Masa depan
Issue Date: Jan-2001
Series/Report no.: vol. 5 No.1;
Abstract: Article 1 Act Number 25 Year 1992 about KOPERASI explain that KOPERASI is cooperation having individual members of corporate members, doing activities based on cooperation principle. Article 2 Act Number 25 Year 1992 explain yhat Indonesian cooperation based on PANCASILA and UUD 1945 and also familiar principle. the aim of cooperation is what stated on the Article 3 Act Number 25 Year 1992, is to improve well being of members and the community. The differences between cooperation and private cooperation and goverment cooperation are very obviously. The threat against cooperation in Indonesia next period towards globalization and global economic transparency. is feeling now a days in 3 aspect of crisis, leadership crisis, identification crisis and idealism crisis. while the opportunity of cooperation in Indonesia next period is laying upon the cooperative strength which is one of member's desire, giving their resources to the group, which taking over the manager duty of control together, serving to solving member's problem. Prof. Craig (1980) and Steven Ake Book (1994) gave basic value of cooperation which consist of justice, a quality of right, solidarity and autonomy. the development of the cooperation basic values, consequently the cooperation principles we using till up now are necessary to be consider again.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/740
ISSN: 1410-4814
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